Chrono Break?

I am a huge HUGE fan of the original Chrono Trigger.  I think that it was…IS still one of the best rpgs I have ever played even today.  After playing through CT several times, I prayed that Square would release a sequel.  Needless to say when I found out, I jumped up so high that I pulled a Wiley Coyote and smashed my head into the ceiling of where I worked (which was Software Etc at the time).

Sadly…Chrono Cross ended up being a horrid disappointment and I feel it is one of the worst games I have ever played period.  Perhaps if it were a stand alone with NO connection to the original I may have felt differently.  Then I came to find out that the original team who worked on CT had left Square and apparently went to work for Monolith. 

Fast forward to roughly 30 minutes ago, I accidentally found an article on the wiki: talking about an interest in a sequel to Chrono Cross.  Worse yet, by the same group who made Cross.  Now, I know that there are people out there who thought CC was a great game and enjoyed it.  Thing is though…  why are so many game devs not getting it?

When you have an award winning formula to a game, why trash it?  Why would Bioware create a game like Dragon Age: Origins, a great expansion like Awakening and THEN put out a SEQUEL called Dragon Age II?  I understand that many of the employees from back in the glory days are gone.  Still, that’s NO excuse.  Make these new people sit down and PLAY the damn classic!  Make them understand – “Look, THIS is what got us on this pedestal.  Take it and make it BETTER.”  Simple as that.  Same thing with Duke Nukem Forever.  The game deserved MUCH better than what it got, but 2K and Gearbox could have used Duke to put themselves on top.  What’s another year or two with a game people didn’t even believe would come out?  That is yet another long story which I would like to talk about another time.

Getting back to my main point.  I really hope that Square-Enix start to take their current rpgs a bit more seriously.  I’m tired of controlling a girly boy wearing water shoes and a big fat yellow windbreaker with a giant sword.  Tired of saying “Wait, is that a girl?  No…no I think its a guy”.  Finally Fantasy VII and VIII did just great without voice over work.  Sometimes I feel like they should keep it that way.  Those dumb speed racer expressions that characters in the new games hold for ten seconds before they start talking. 

Bring back characters like Cecil or Locke.  Cloud and Squall.  I don’t mean THEM specifically but main characters who actually LOOK like they can take a beating and can lead a group into a battle that meant certain death.  Would you follow Tidus to fight SIN?  Not me.  Now Auron, is a different story.  Thanks to him I was able to finsih FF X.  

Now I know that there are millions of people who don’t agree and think that all FF games and Chrono Cross was great…but after playing FF 2 and 3 for SNES, 7 and 8 for PS and a classic like Chrono Trigger… I would think I could expect more or better than what they have released.  Especially with their MMOs…jeez.  And now they’re in serious financial trouble too so I read.  LOOK AT YOUR PAST WINNERS Square-Enix.  

Of course I’m curious to know what others think.  This is all just my opinion of course…