* The Gaming RIG – SAVIOR to Duke Nukem Forever *

Okay so everyone of course knows that Duke Forever’s offical reviews left tons of people scratching their heads.  Being a huge Duke 3D fan, of course I was on the same boat.  I sat here in my dining room with my laptop reading one terrible review after another.  THEN I got to Jim Sterling’s review on Destructoid.  You can read it below:


This review made me laugh and cry at the same time.  Ironically though, it’s what made me get up and just buy the game.  Fast forward to a week or so later, it is apparent that almost EVERYTHING that was being torn apart in the game was for the CONSOLE versions.  I have it on PC and the game isn’t anywhere NEAR as bad as the reviews even IGNs own.

In the gaming world there are a LOT of tech savvy players out there.  However, there are still those who assume that they don’t have a choice because they feel “I dont have 13 thousand dollars to buy a gaming rig” as one of many few posters here on IGN have commented.  If you go to Alienware particularly, they sell gaming systems for as high as 6 or 9 thousand dollars depending on what you want.  I had a LOT of customers who fell victim to their marketing.  One regular in particular is now 20k in debt to Alienware alone just because he’s a loyal fan and refuses to go through anyone else as far as custom builds.   

Back to my point – I may not have the fastest system in the east…but it’s fast enough:

AMD 6 Core CPU at 3.1GBZ – 8GB of DDR3 RAM – 2x 1GB DDR5 Saphire ATI cards at Crossfire of course – Solid state drive with Windows 7 64bit installed on it – SATA III 500GB HD for everything else.  The main board has 4 USB 3 ports, 4 USB 2, 2 Firewire, fantastic integrated sound (supports a 5.1 surround sound) and overall a Windows rating of 8.1.  Again, NOT the fastest thing BUT fantastic enough to drag any game through the mud.  You might want to go on Alienware’s site or perhaps Best Buy and compare specs and costs.  How much did this thing cost me?  $942.  That’s it.  ALL brand new, warranty and all.  That’s because I went overboard too because I wanted to learn a few things about some of the more recent toys put out there.  And that still may seem like a lot to you BUT consider that this is something in which for GAMING purposes which is what I really use it for, will NOT have to be upgraded for a long LONG time. 

If you happen to have a desktop that’s 4 or even 5 years old there is a good chance you can upgrade and make significant changes to get a nice gaming system.

Games like Duke Nukem Forever LOOK great, loads FAST (4 second load times and COUNTING), plays smooth, Batman AA looks and sounds fantastic.  Mass Effect 2?  Completely blows away the console versions.  I mean, consoles look good BUT when you see it on PC, no comparrison. 

WHAT ABOUT BUGS?  THAT’S WHY I BUY FOR CONSOLES – True enough that there are some games out there that ship with bugs.  Most games though are pretty good.  An even BETTER plus that players may not all know, is the modding community.  Batman AA is an awsome example.  One site I go to, they gave Batman the suit from the Dark Night.  Street Fighter 4 and soon Super Street Fighter 4 AE – awsome costumes and even new stages.  Dragon Age: Origins – People added new cut scenes to the game.  Mostly to make the romance scenes a lot more…”mature” heh.  Anyway, there it is.  Just a few examples. 

CONTROLS? – For games like Super Street Fighter, you can of course buy a control that is a PS3 or XBOX 360 replica for PC.  Plug it into the USB port and that’s that.  Nothing more to it.  They are like $30 and up depending on if you want turbo, programmable buttons, wireless, etc. 

All in all for the most part… you get uncomparable amazing graphics, better overall performance and a lot of cool free extras from mods out there.  If you’re a Duke Nukem 3D fan, make sure you get the Duke Nukem 3D High Resolution pack too if you haven’t already heard or have it.  Do a search for it and see for yourself.  Character models are all redone and music as well.  They did an awsome job. 

Well, AGAIN I’ll say that I KNOW most of you out there are tech savvy.  I am NOT trying to say I am the best and most all knowing tech in the field.  God knows I’ve made plenty of mistakes myself and still learning as new stuff comes out.   But for those of you who I have found on the site that did NOT know…  this post is definitely worth considering.